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AC Turbo1

Air Cooler

฿ 4998
  • 5 adjustable fan speed settings
  • Adjustable left-right swinging movements and cease according to your need
  • Automatic on-off timer up to 8 hours
  • TEMPERATURE DISPLAY shows the temperature of the surrounding area of the fan
  • COOL function for a boost of cool wind
  • FILL WATER; a warning light for when the water level in the tank is below the limit
  • Eliminate musty odor with dehumidifier system which reduces moisture accumulated inside the unit
  • Instant cooling with large Teflon coated CelPad, made from high-quality wood pulp
  • DIMMER; lower the brightness level of the display panel
  • Increased security with the ELCB which immediately cut the current when there is an electrical leakage
  • Increased safety with an automatic cutoff thermal fuse system
  • High-efficiency motor with ball bearing system
  • Manufacturing process is certified to the management system standard ISO 9001 and ISO 14001
  • Certified safety TIS 934-2558 standards from the Thai Industrial Standards Institute, Ministry of Industry
3-Year Warranty ( PCB & MOTOR )
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