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Blade Cap (black)

SKU: 3302001

฿ 20
  • Use for locking the fan blade in place
  • Compatible with 12”, 14”, 16”, 18”, 20” Table Fan, Slide Fan, Stand Fan, Wall Fan, and Industrial Fan models
  • Diameter 51.7 mm

For Model: T12M1, T12M2, HE-T14M3, HT-T16M4, HT-T16M5, T18M2, T18M3, HT-S14M3, HB-S16M4, HT-S16M7, HT-S16D4, HT-S16R2, HE-S18M1, HT-S18M2, Slide Smart L1, HD-P16M3, HD-P16R3, HA-P18M1, HF-P18R1, HG-W16M4, HT-W16M6, HT-W16R6, HF-W18M3, HT-W18M4, HF-W18R1, IT18M1(X), IT18M2, IS18M1, IP18M1, IP20M1, IW18M1


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